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be shaped at the brow bar where brow shaping is simply an art

With the opening of beauty101 in Feasterville and Newtown PA, there is now no excuse for badly shaped brows.

beauty101 is committed to shaping beautiful, natural brows. We believe that eyebrows are the single most important feature of your face – and should be treated as such. All of our brow artists are highly trained estheticians who give each individual specialized attention and help their clients on their personal journey to achieve their own perfect brow. No cookie cutter brows are done here.

Everyone has seen examples of tragically misshapen eyebrows. Whether the poor victim has over-tweezed their own brows into oblivion or has had them butchered in a “chop shop,” the result is always disastrous and completely preventable. At beauty101 our goal is to eliminate over-tweezed and over waxed brows for good.

We believe that getting your brows done should be a relaxed, pleasant, pain-free experience, devoid of hassle,stress and diva attitudes. Our cozy brow bar is the perfect place to unwind while our brow artists work their magic.

brow styling. tweezing & trimming (non wax) $25
brow arch maintenance
. on going cleanup (brow wax) $17
brow tinting. brightening, darkening, and enhancing brows $25
arch de triumph. brow tinting & waxing $38
arch angels. complete brow shaping arch design, waxing and tweezing $40

(This service is usually for teenagers or individuals who have never had their brows shaped)
“men” amorphous. masculine brow cleanup $17

We believe in our work,period. This is why we offer a “Brow Wow” promotion. All first time clients to beauty101 receive a FREE brow shaping.

Discover for yourself why we are the best!

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