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At beauty101 we use the same meticulous and artistic approach to our custom blended airbrush tanning as our other custom blended services for which we have become well known. Our service is unique because we offer a "customized color" that is suited to each individuals skin color and skin type. Our process does not involve spraying everyone the same color; our artist will actually mix the color after they view your skin and have discussed your desired results. There is no need to be concerned about looking orange, streaky. or uneven in tone. You will walk out of beauty101 absolutely glowing and feeling transformed! No-one will know that you are airbrushed because of our perfected application techniques.

At beauty101 our highly trained artists will airbrush spray a DHA based solution onto your skin. When DHA is applied to the skin, it reacts with the body’s amino acids to produce a tan, much like the sun does, but without any harmful effects to the skin. DHA is a sugar-based compound derived from sugarcane and has been approved by the FDA for sunless tanning applications since the 1970's.

Before your tan

If you have a sensitive skin condition, please notify the technician before the spray tanning application.

Exfoliate, wax and shave 24 hours prior to your spray tan.

Avoid wearing make-up, deodorant, jewelry or lotion to your appointment.

It is VERY important to have clean, dry and exfoliated skin for your spray tanning session. Any residue left on the skin may act as a barrier making the tan less effective.

If you choose to wear a swim suit, bring a dark, snug swimsuit or under garment to create “tan lines” [avoid wool, Lycra, nylon, spandex, silk as they may stain.]

Carry an umbrella to your appointment on rainy days.

beauty101 offers a very discreet, confidential and professional experience during your spray tanning application.

After care for your tan

When your session is complete, you will feel tacky, but this is completely normal. It just means you must be very careful with your skin for the next few hours.

Do not place your purse on your arm or shoulder; carry it out in your hands.

To ensure a long and beautiful tan avoid contact with water for at least 8-10 hours.

After your tanning session we recommend that you wear loose dark clothing, flip flops or thong sandals before your post tan shower. The cosmetic bronzer that is applied may rub off on your clothing but should be easily washed out. Nylon, silk, spandex and wool tend to absorb the bronzer so please avoid these fabrics.

Avoid bar soap especially Dove and the like. Use a mild body wash or shower gel to extend the life of your tan.

After showering pat dry the skin and while the skin is still warm, apply a body moisturizer each and every day. This is essential as it will enhance the longevity of the tan.

Avoid exfoliants, hot showers and Jacuzzi soaks. Excessive swimming and perspiration can fade your tan faster.

Always use sunscreen. Your spray tan is not a sun protectant.

Your tan can last between 7-10 days depending on your before and aftercare.

If you need product recommendations to prepare your skin for an airbrush tanning session and to help lengthen the life of your tan, please ask a tanning technician for product suggestions.

The better prepared your skin is for the spray tan and cared for after will determine the longevity and quality of the tan.


Products to Avoid that Can Damage your Tan

  • Hair inhibiting moisturizers (can discolor your tan)
  • Products that contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids
  • Retin-A type products
  • Anti-Cellulite or Anti-aging body products
  • Daily use of a loofah, exfoliating mitt, or scruff (use wash cloth or shower poof only)
  • Exfoliating scrubs

Custom blend airbrush tanning pricing:

Full Body $45
Upper Body (Face, neck, arms & torso) $30
Lower Body (waist down) $30
Face & Neck Only $12

Ala carte add on treatments:

Body Bling $10 (Cosmetic shimmer. Great for an all over glow for an evening out)
Hydrating treatment (great infusion treatment a couple days after your initial airbrush service to help lengthen the tan $10

In-store tanning parties

5-9 Clients $40 per Client
10 Clients or more $34 per Client

Prepaid tanning packages

3 tans $120 save $15
5 tans $190 save $35
10 tans $370 save $80

Mobile tanning

Photo shoots
Tanning parties
VIP service
Please call for specifics

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